Unofficial NVidia bugzilla?

September 2, 2012

The idea for this really comes from the Unofficial ATI bugzilla at which appears to be successful. For NVidia issues the official way has been to email or the unofficial method of posting on and hoping for a reply. Unfortunately I don’t find forums terribly useful for bug reports and the search functionality is less than ideal for issues.

I’ve been thinking of spinning up a Bugzilla instance for an Unofficial NVidia Bugzilla and inviting all distros to use it as well as the NVidia Linux engineers. But obviously I’d need some user/developer interest in this.

Would you use it?

NVIDIA has just pushed out their first beta of the 290.x series drivers and this should be seen as good news for Gentoo users. Several bugs that I’ve pushed upstream from Bugzilla reports about the 280.x and 285.x series have been fixed. This should be the first series that Gentoo will support with xorg-server 1.11 and Linux 3.0. Additionally NVIDIA has built in a workaround for users using a noexec mounted /tmp when executing 32 bit OpenGL apps on a 64 bit kernel. Users should be aware that the workaround brings in performance implications but at least your app won’t crash. Many other little issues were resolved as well so I am inclined to bump the version in the against our typical policy of not supporting beta releases. Be aware however that if I see an abnormal amount of bugs with the beta release it will be quickly masked.


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